Should You Get A Mens Pea Coat With Hood?

Men’s Hooded Pea Coats

So you are looking for the perfect pea coat, but you also want some protection for your head. Your options are to wear something with a hood underneath your new peacoat, or use an umbrella. I don’t like umbrellas personally and not everyone likes wearing layers, so I decided to do some research into a mens pea coat with hood. 

Adding a hood to a pea coat is done in one of two ways. The first, and less common method is to have a hood attached to the outside of the peacoat, made of the same material as the pea coat. The more common method you will see is to have a liner underneath the jacket, which both lines the jacket and makes up the hood. This gives the appearance of wearing a sweatshirt or similar garment underneath your coat. 


Shopping For A Pea Coat With Hood For Men

I choose to shop online, and went to Amazon to browse some mens pea coats with hood. I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of selection. All 3 pea coats that I chose to highlight are of the liner-hood variety. I didn’t see any that were outside and made of the regular material. 


Levis Mens Melton Pea Coat with Zip-Out Bib and HoodLevi’s Men’s Melton Pea Coat with Zip-Out Bib and Hood

I will preface this by saying that I think this is the best option if you are looking for a mens pea coat with hood.

Levi’s is a trusted, quality brand for both menswear and womenswear. This pea coat is heavy duty, with quality Melton wool fabric. In addition to wool, the fabric is a mix of polyester and Viscose, in addition to a small blend of other materials. Like most pea coats, this is dry clean only.

The coat comes in two colors, black and charcoal, the charcoal color is pictured here. It’s got a very traditional single breasted sailor jacket look, perfect for someone into classic sportswear and a utilitarian look.

 The highlight of this coat is the zip-out bib and hood. Both features add an extra level of warmth, and easily unzip when you find that unnecessary. Welt pockets round out the look. 
Reviews of this coat are almost all positive, the only issues seeming to be getting the perfect fit. It seems that the sizes run small, but that the coat also runs long. Remember that heavier fabric like this sits differently than what you may be used to, and there is not as much give to it.

Black Rivet Peacoat With Built in Hood

The other option I found was the Black Rivet Peacoat With Built in Hood. This is not a brand that I recognize but I found it interesting because it has a different style than most pea coats. The most noticeable difference is that this pea coat is single breasted. This means that there is only one row of buttons on the front. It looks as if it does not feature pockets either. This creates a very simple look that will be pleasing to some people. Gray is the only color available and it has a built in black hood. It appears that this coat would also be lighter weight, but there is no material description or reviews on Amazon to verify this.






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