Pea Coats for Juniors and Teen Boys

Pea Coats for Juniors

The ever-expanding teen and juniors market is huge for clothing. If you have reached this page you are probably looking for pea coats for juniors. While there is a good selection of pea coats for teen girls, the male demographic is much different. Many males may jump right from children to adult sizes, and buying new outerwear is not necessary.

Coats used to be about staying warm during cold weathers when you are getting from point A to point B. Now, outerwear offers another way to show off your unique style. Pea coats are a great way to make a fashion statement while trying to stay warm. Originally worn by Sailors in times of war, they have become a staple in worldwide winter fashion. 

Junior Pea Coat Features

A pea coat usually has broad lapels and a double breasted front. Here are some available choices you can get for your boy.

  • Solid – Pea coats for juniors can come in a variety of different colors. They can be a bright or a basic color. You can get red pea coats for juniors, or blue, green, white, yellow, grey, and a staple navy. White can be a little difficult to keep clean, but the other colors are great to wear every day.
  • Patterned – Patterned pea coats for juniors can come in a hound’s tooth pattern or that of many popular prints. A really popular pattern is plaid. Stripes and lines are likewise popular with pea coats of different colors.
  • Adorned – Adornments have become more popular over time, with a variety of buttons, pockets and zipper configurations giving the peacoat that extra pop of fashion. They can have strings or belts in them, and can also be hooded.



Pea coats come in many different styles. Some can be form fitting, and some can be loose. Usually you will find that they are quite structured to hold their shape. Sleeves are generally long, sometimes cuffed, though you can find them in three quarter sleeves for the fall. Length can be long and down to your knees or cropped and just come to the waist band.


You can find pea coats in different materials such as wool pea coats for juniors or even cashmere. The cashmere will be soft, but not as warm as the wool. The wool will be the heaviest of the materials. The most common material for pea coats for juniors and pea coat men is wool. There are usually some other materials blended with them to soften up the wool or line the jacket for comfort. If a hood is present, sometimes faux fur will be added to the edges of the hood. 

Shopping for a Junior’s Pea Coat

A pea coat is a quality jacket and we often do not want to spend much money on clothing that our children will outgrow in one season or scuff up in the yard. Coats are an excellent item to shop in thrift stores as you can find gently worn and like new items at great prices. The juniors market is when children begin to care about fashion, so expect to encounter some resistance if you decide to go that route.

Another great place to shop if you are looking for a deal is online at retailers such as Amazon. I’m a big Amazon fan personally, and I took a look at their selection of junior’s pea coats. Unfortunately, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the market for teen male pea coats is quite small, and the selection is not good. I recommend checking out the adult pea coat options, as many of these run on the small side, and are perfectly in style for the junior and teen market.

I decided to highlight some of the younger, slimmer, trendier pea coat options that will be most suitable for the male junior/teen market.

 TheLees Mens double breasted high neck wool coat jacket

TheLees Mens double breasted high neck wool pea coat jacket

TheLees is a men’s brand which is rising in popularity. They specialize in trendy designs with a very slim fit. Most people will need to order a size larger than usual in order for their garment to fit right. This makes it perfect for junior’s peacoat. They are in men’s sizes but due to the fit will fit many teens and juniors as well.

This particular style pea coat is a best seller. It features an interesting zipper detail on the upper right portion. This coat comes in black, dark gray and gray. This is the dark gray featured here. It is double breasted with an adjustable collar and sleeve cuffs. The material is half wool and half rayon, dry clean only.

Reviews of the jacket are mostly positive, pointing out the slim fit and how soft the material is. Some reviewers have noted that it works in more formal attire like the pictures, but also works great with everyday attire, like a tshirt.



H2H Mens Herringbone Pea Coat

H2H Mens Herringbone Style Pea Coat

This H2H Herringbone Pea Coat is also listed as slim fitting, so it may work for your son as well. I like this pea coat but it is definitely a more structured and formal design. The material is a soft polyester, cotton and wool mix that will keep you both comfortable and warm. Like the other coats it is dry clean only.

This coat obviously features a herringbone pattern. It is double breasted with adjustable sleeve cuffs and slanted pockets that you can actually use. One unique feature of this pea coat is the soft snug layered liner. This feature allows for additional warmth and is visible for a unique style.

There aren’t any reviews on Amazon for this coat, so it is hard to judge how the quality and description hold up in real life. H2H is a trusted Korean brand, so I would be willing to try it out, but it is always something to keep in mind.



Levi’s Men’s Wool Melton Fashion Peacoat

Levis Mens Wool Melton Fashion PeacoatThe Levi’s Men’s Wool Melton Fashion Pea Coat is one of the best selling and highest rated pea coats on Amazon. The material is mostly wool, supplemented with polyester and viscose. Again, you will be making a trip to the dry cleaners if you want to wash this, so take care of it. 

The fit of the coat appears to be slim, though not as slim as the other 2 here. Some reviewers pointed out that the sleeves seemed short, but overall the reviews are incredibly positive, so keep that in mind and you are likely to be happy with the coat.

This coat is also double breasted, though it features a zipper underneath the regular buttons. I like this as if there isn’t another closure sometimes the large buttons have too much pull on them. This caused a button to pop off of a trench coat that I have. A zipper is much sturdier than buttons. Like the H2H coat, this also features a knit collar inlay for warmth. The only available color is black.




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